Salesforce Connector Installation Guide

Installation Process

1. Enable the Streaming API for your Instance [In Salesforce]

The Streaming API enables streaming of events using push technology and provides a subscription mechanism for receiving events in real time.

  1. Navigate to the User Interface settings section (from Setup, search for User Interface in the Quick Find box).

  2. Check the Enable Streaming API checkbox, under the Setup section.

2. Update or Create a Salesforce User for the Integration [In Salesforce]

  1. We recommend dedicating a Salesforce User for the sync as a best practice to ensure no disruptions. If connected via an employee's account, there will be a disruption if that account were disabled.


Note: This can be a new user or an existing integrations user. Many customers already have a user dedicated to integrations.

  1. Once you've determined the user for the integration, you must create a new User Profile, or update the integration User Profile to accommodate the following permissions:


If the profile is admin, it typically includes all the settings automatically.

  1. Create a New User Profile or Ensure an Existing User Profile Has the Following Permissions


This profile will need the ability to read data from and write data to your Salesforce instance. The profile will also require more advanced permissions such as modifying data via the Metadata API so that the Connector can retroactively enrich your custom records and provide real-time updates to you when your customer data changes.

a. Navigate to User Profiles. From Setup, search for Profiles in the Quick Find box
b. Click New Profile.
c. Select Standard User from the Existing Profile drop-down.

d. Name the Profile “Intricately Connector” and click Save.
e. After creating the profile, we’ll add the correct permissions to it.
f. Click Edit

g. Scroll down to the Administrative Permissions section and check:
1. Modify All Data
2. Customize Application
3. Modify Metadata Through Metadata API


Note: these are not mandatory, but it effects the sync frequency and setup process.


Note: See the FAQ if your company doesn't support these settings.

h. Scroll down to the Standard Object Permissions section and ensure the following permissions are selected.
1. Read / Edit permissions should be set for Accounts (1), Leads (2)
2. Create / Read / Edit permissions should be set for Push Topics (3)


PushTopics are a way of your Salesforce instance to notify us about record creation and changes. When we create a PushTopic on your Salesforce Org a communication channel is created between it and Intricately’s system. e.g: A Lead is created on your Salesforce Org, Salesforce notifies us, and we enrich it.

3. Connect to Salesforce from Intricately [In Intricately]

Watch the video for a tutorial and/or follow the written instructions below.

  1. Connect to Salesforce by logging in via the identified user for the integration
    a. Click Add Admin Contact
  1. Connect Production or Sandbox environment
    a. Once you click Add Your SFDC Orgs, you can choose between Production or Sandbox.
    b. The implementation process is the same for both types.
  2. Once connected, click Configure to continue to next step.

3. Determine which objects to sync: Accounts and/or Leads [In Intricately]

4. Update the Field-Level Security Permissions [In Salesforce]

In this step you will be setting Field-Level Security permissions for the Intricately fields which have been created. Field-Level Security Permissions control who has access to Intricately fields. See Salesforce Help for Security Permissions for additional detail.

For each Intricately field, you’ll need to set Field-Level Security at both the Lead and Account level (assuming you have added Intricately fields to both objects).

Watch the video for a tutorial and/or follow the written instructions below.


Note: This step is only required if Intricately has created fields on your behalf.

a. Navigate to the Lead and Account Fields pages
b. Click on the Object Manager tab then click on Account or Lead (you’ll need to do both).

b. Click on Fields & Relationships

d. Sort by Field Name, and scroll to fields starting with "Ily." All Intricately fields have Ily to start, and sorting makes it easier to locate all the fields when updating.


Pro Tip

Right click and open each field in a new tab to save time.

e. For each Intricately field, set the appropriate Field-Level Security permissions by first clicking on the field name.

f. Click on Set Field-Level Security:

g. Select all the Profiles which you’d like to have access to the Intricately fields and click Save.

5. Add Fields to the Page Layout(s) [In Salesforce]

The final step in Salesforce is to add all your new fields to the lead and/or Account page layouts. Please discuss best practices with your customer success manager.

The following layouts are used by our customers:

6. Request a Complete Database Sync [In Intricately]

Go back to the Connector App Settings in Intricately, and request a retroactive enrichment. This will trigger the syncing of our data to your Salesforce instance.

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Salesforce Connector Installation Guide

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