Salesforce Connector Overview

Product Overview

The Intricately Salesforce Connector allows for the enrichment of Salesforce Lead and Account objects with Intricately data. The Connector handles ongoing updates to Intricately data by monitoring Salesforce objects for changes and delivering data directly into your Salesforce instance. You can sync cloud spend, product, traffic and other advanced data on the minute to your database.

Our customers use the Connector for:

  1. Delivering spend and product insights to sales and marketers
  2. Lead routing based on key cloud spend or product details
  3. Lead or Account scoring models
  4. Analyzing competitor market share
  5. Understanding their Ideal Customer Profile and Total Addressable Market


The Salesforce Connector was purposefully designed to minimize the transfer of data between systems and avoid interaction with PII content.


Intricately utilizes the OAuth 2.0 protocol for connecting to your Salesforce instance.

Installation Requirements

You’ll need to have the following prior to starting the provisioning process.

  • Administrator Salesforce access.
  • An available Salesforce user license or a dedicated user for integrations
  • An Intricately Enterprise data license and SFDC Connector App Access

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Salesforce Connector Overview

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